Working at SERI: Yves Zimmermann

Gain insight into the work of SERI: Yves Zimmermann is a Scientific Advisor in the unit Strategic Management Education, Research and Innovation.

Author: Laura Stirnimann
A SERI employee stands in front of a tree and the SERI building

What do you do exactly?

As Scientific Advisor for the Strategic Management of ERI Unit, right now I am mostly involved in the planning and preparation of the Federal Council Dispatch on the Promotion of Education, Research and Innovation (ERI Dispatch) for 2025-2028. Financial planning is my main area of responsibility. As head of the Finance Working Group, I coordinate activities and share information within SERI. In addition to my work on the ERI Dispatch, I am also responsible for publication of the ERI Financial Report, which describes federal and cantonal funding of education, research and innovation.

What do you like about your work in particular?

My tasks are extremely varied and my previous professional experience and further education have proven invaluable to me in my work. For example, I was able to use the R programming language to automate preparation of the ERI Financial Report. In addition, as Head of the Finance Working Group, I have gained an in-depth understanding of the wide range of exciting activities that are carried out at SERI. I particularly appreciate the atmosphere of teamwork and dialogue at SERI.

What challenges do you expect in the near future?

The consultation process for the ERI Dispatch for 2025-2028 was launched in June 2023. We started analysing the feedback in September. The dispatch needs to be finalised by the end of February 2024. Our team will then take the ERI Dispatch through the parliamentary review phase. During this time, I will also continue to drive forward data management within our unit. 

Yves Zimmermann, SERI Scientific Advisor, Strategic Management of ERI Unit +41 58 467 66 60
Laura Stirnimann