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Recognising the value of the professional education sector

Professional education is a winning concept: it enables adults holding vocational qualifications to pursue more advanced training at tertiary level, thus ensuring that the labour market has an adequate supply of highly skilled workers. It is in Switzerland’s best interest to preserve the professional education sector as one of our competitive strengths.

Rémy Hübschi
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Eight talents pose with the blue letters and signs #ISTF24 and flags of their countries of origin
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International Swiss Talent Forum: Developing tomorrow’s ideas today

Today’s talented minds are tomorrow's innovators. At the International Swiss Talent Forum (ISTF), creative solutions to global challenges are found. Established researchers and entrepreneurs set tasks for international teams spanning various disciplines. The various teams are guided by individual coaches.

Larissa Erdmann
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Two apprentices in work clothes and helmets work on solar panels on a flat roof.
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How a new occupation is created: examples from the solar energy sector

In 2023, SERI approved and issued VET ordinances and training plans for a total of 50 new or revised occupations. Here we examine two new occupations relating to solar panel installation, which are intended to further the aims of sustainability and environmental protection.

Florian Berset
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A workers handles a folding solar roof in a factory
Horizon Europe Horizon 2020 EU framework programmes for research and innovation

Switzerland's participation in the EU programmes for research and innovation

Researchers and innovators in Switzerland have been participating in the European Union's Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation since 1987. A new report presents the figures on Swiss participation in the Horizon 2020 package (2014-2020) and the current Horizon Europe package (2021-2027).

Brita Bamert
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