Working at SERI

Working at SERI: Sabina Giger

Gain insight into the work of SERI: Sabina Giger is the Project manager and Deputy Head of VPET Policy Unit (Vocational and Professional Education and Training).

Author: Simone Keller
A SERI employee stands in the corridor

What do you do exactly?

Our unit is the federal contact point for all matters pertaining to VPET policy. I am mainly responsible for projects aimed at facilitating the adult acquisition of vocational qualifications and at expanding the range of vocational, educational and career guidance services. Both are relevant for lifelong learning. I am also the contact person for internal and external partners wishing to know more about both topics. In addition to this, I express the federal government's views at committee meetings, draft position papers for the Federal Council and Parliament and manage projects in the previously mentioned areas. 

What do you like about your work in particular?

I enjoy working as an interface as well as the complex task of reconciling the different positions of the various interest groups. Policymakers, the Federal Council, Parliament, the private sector, professional organisations, the cantons - all of these partners are needed to ensure further development of the Swiss VPET system. For this reason, we actively seek solutions that make sense from a policymaking and strategic standpoint and that also satisfy operational requirements. These are stimulating processes that create constant challenges.

What challenges do you expect in the near future?

Right now, I'm mainly working on the Viamia project. Viamia is a free career assessment programme for people over the age of 40. It was launched by the Federal Council in 2019. We are now in the process of scaling this initiative up to national level. And so, we are preparing an awareness campaign for people who lack qualifications and have a limited skill set. We are also planning other measures this year to further improve the general conditions enabling adults to obtain vocational qualifications. 

Sabina Giger, SERI Deputy Head of unit VPET Policy +41 58 463 14 06