Working at SERI

Working at SERI: Regula Egli

Gain insight into the work of SERI: Regula Egli is a Scientific Advisor in the Innovation Unit.

Author: Larissa Erdmann
Portrait of Regula Egli: brown blazer, white blouse, dark and short black hair, glasses, red watch

What do you do exactly?

I work in the Innovation Unit, where I am mainly responsible for coordinating Innosuisse's ownership policy and assessing its impact. Innosuisse is the Swiss Innovation Agency. Its role is to promote science-based innovation in the interest of the economy and society in Switzerland.

My tasks include preparing related agenda items to be discussed at the meetings of the Federal Council. This is done in close collaboration with the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER), which is responsible for the ownership policy. More specifically, I prepare strategic objectives for Innosuisse and draft Federal Council policy briefs for parliamentary committees. Beyond stewardship and oversight, Innosuisse also needs to have the necessary freedom of action to support the innovation activities of companies in a sustainable and effective manner.

What do you like about your work in particular?

Lots of things, otherwise I wouldn't have spent the past 20 years working for the Federal Administration… 
I am thrilled with the innovative capacity of Swiss companies and with our innovation system and funding policy, which are closely rooted in our country's values - democracy, federalism, subsidiarity and personal responsibility. While these values also come with associated challenges, they are crucial in maintaining Switzerland’s position among the world’s most competitive and innovative countries. 

What challenges do your expect in the near future?

Increasingly, considerations of how we position ourselves as a country are affecting the way we provide innovation support. There has been mounting pressure on Switzerland to conform with what other countries are doing. And yet, striking the right balance with what makes us strong and unique is very important in my view. This is why I am committed to providing policymakers with the best possible information and facts. 

Regula Egli, SERI Scientific Advisor Innovation Unit +41 58 46 86028