Working at SERI: Fritz Mosimann

Gain insight into the work of SERI: Fritz Mosimann is the Head of Blasting Technology Service and Project Manager in the Professional Education Unit.

Author: Laura Stirnimann
A SERI employee in work clothes
Photo: Irina Mayer, COM SERI

What do you do exactly?

The Blasting Technology Service supervises certification training courses and examinations for civilian and police blasting technology as well as for authorised use of pyrotechnic objects, such as those found in large-scale fireworks displays on 1 August or the pyrotechnics used on theatre and show stages. The broad remit includes continuous development of basic documentation and regulations, quality management, issuance of blasting and use permits and managing the registry of permits. 

What do you like about your work in particular?

I like the fact that my area of responsibility is so diverse and varied. For example, on the same working day I might conduct an audit of a practical blasting training programme in a quarry and then meet with cantonal and federal authorities or professional organisations to discuss issues pertaining to the further development of blasting technology and pyrotechnics. I like the day-to-day operational aspects, which are very practical and allow me to maintain lively dialogue with a wide range of players in the field.

What challenges do you expect in the near future?

We are currently helping three professional organisations to completely overhaul their training courses and examinations for the various blasting qualifications and permits. This multi-year project is very challenging. With current topics such as sustainability and digitalisation, we need to consider the latest technology, the needs of professional organisations as well as SERI objectives. At the same time, we still have to carry out our day-to-day activities, which include issuing around 1,400 blasting and use permits per year. 

Fritz Mosimann, SERI Project manager, Professional Education Unit +41 58 463 75 75
Laura Stirnimann