The most influential tech event in the world

2023 kicked off with the world’s most influential tech event - the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. CES is the place to be to catch a first glimpse of breakthrough technologies and to meet with global innovators.

Author: Tatiana Benavides Damm
Swisstech stand at the technology event in Las Vegas
At CES, the swisstech campaign presented twenty-five Swiss companies that are actively engaged in consumer technology. It also showcased technology companies with cutting-edge innovations. Photo: Sébastien Crettaz

CES took place from 9th to 12th January 2023. The all-pink Swiss booth has been one of the most outstanding elements and a relevant stop of the swisstech campaign ever since its launch back in 2019. In this occasion, it presented 25 Swiss companies that are actively engaged in consumer technology and offered a showcase for the technology companies with cutting-edge innovations. The campaign aims to boost Switzerland’s visibility as a high-performing, competitive, and leading hub of innovation and technology, including digitalisation and future-oriented technologies.

The three main takeaways from CES 2023 were:

  • CES displayed the need for innovations that contribute to a better future and, more importantly, to make existing and new technologies future-proof.
  • This year’s main attractions were smart homes and the metaverse. The latter is a term that encompasses both the notion of cyberspace (i.e. the internet) and a network of virtual worlds (e.g. accessed using virtual reality or augmented reality headsets).
  • Despite good intentions, CES came up short in showcasing the importance of sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies.


Making technologies future-proof

For the first time, CES had a theme focused on Human Security for All. Contributing to the world’s global challenges was at the heart of the fair. But more than just showcasing innovations that have a positive impact on our future, CES highlighted the need to make existing and new technologies future-proof.

Being future-proof goes hand in hand with being cyber-proof. The threat of cyber-attacks and the importance of cyber security are crucial aspects innovators must consider and incorporate into their technologies.

Metaverse trend

The event also featured a dedicated metaverse area on the show floor, exhibiting groundbreaking sensory technologies that build interactive digital worlds. Despite ongoing disagreements on the exact definition of the metaverse, CES showed real substance forming around the trend of the metaverse in two forms. On one side, there is technological innovation, and on the other side, there is business strategy development. Entrepreneurs are increasingly looking at use cases. More specifically, this means asking how the product will be used in the market across the consumer landscape.

Two people in suits wearing VR-goggles
At CES, Swiss start-ups presented their innovations in VR goggles/headset technology. Photo: Sébastien Crettaz

A product that exemplified this emerging market and was to be noticed at CES is the Virtual Reality (VR) goggles. These goggles are no longer just used by gamers. Industries worldwide are leveraging virtual and augmented reality to create compelling real-time experiences. Consequently, VR goggles have expanded from entertainment to healthcare, automotive, education, digital marketing, military, and beyond. Swiss start-ups showed at the CES that they are forerunners in this field.

Best Swiss innovations

The Swiss booth was designed by Presence Switzerland and supported by all members of the swisstech campaign, including Switzerland Global Enterprise, Presence Switzerland, Innosuisse, and digitalswitzerland. As an accelerator for Swiss start-ups and innovations, Swissnex staff supported operations at the booth, thus showcasing some of the best Swiss innovations to the over 112,000 attendees. The goal was not only to get in touch with up-and-coming Swiss start-ups potentially interested in expanding to the USA through the Swissnex Internationalization Start-up Camps and the services of the Swiss Business Hub, but also to discover the next trends in the world of technology and their implications for Switzerland.

While CES serves as a springboard for Swiss start-ups wanting to distribute their technologies globally, particularly in the USA, there are more upcoming events this year where Swissnex will be present worldwide through the swisstech campaign. These include RSA San Francisco (USA) in April, the Web Summit Rio (Brazil) in May, and the STS Forum in Tokyo (Japan) in October. These events will feature cybersecurity, software, science, and technology, all relevant topics to highlight Swiss innovations.

Roman Kern, SERI Head of Unit Swissnex Network +41 58 460 54 29
Tatiana Benavides Damm

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