Portrait of Regula Egli: brown blazer, white blouse, dark and short black hair, glasses, red watch
Working at SERI

Working at SERI: Regula Egli

Gain insight into the work of SERI: Regula Egli is a Scientific Advisor in the Innovation Unit.

Larissa Erdmann
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Two apprentices in work clothes and helmets work on solar panels on a flat roof.
VPET system Vocational education and training Review and revision of training programmes Apprenticeship market Sustainable development Shortage of skilled labour

How a new occupation is created: examples from the solar energy sector

In 2023, SERI approved and issued VET ordinances and training plans for a total of 50 new or revised occupations. Here we examine two new occupations relating to solar panel installation, which are intended to further the aims of sustainability and environmental protection.

Florian Berset
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Martina Hirayama State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation
Opinions ERI policy ERI Dispatch

Striking the right balance

In early March, the Federal Council submitted its Dispatch on the Promotion of Education, Research and Innovation for 2025-2028. The corresponding budget proposal takes federal tasks into account, addresses major societal challenges. The general aim is to ensure that available federal funding is evenly distributed so that the entire ERI system will continue to strengthen over time.

Martina Hirayama
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Centre strip of a road with ascending years from 2023
Research infrastructures Research infrastructure networks Research and innovation policy National cooperation Reports and evaluations

Work launched on the 2027 Roadmap for Research Infrastructures

SERI continues to develop the roadmap process for research infrastructures with the appropriate partner institutions. The Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences a+ have been commissioned to update the existing thematic roadmaps as a basis for the roadmap process.

Barbara Flückiger
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